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Erotica in its various guises has been around for millennia.  BDSM erotica, kinky erotica, tend to be more personal than their vanilla cousins but '50 Shades of Grey' has brought it into the mainstream and opened more eyes to the wonderful possibilities.  This is where you can meet the other people curious about the world of domination and submission or commission your very own kinky tale.  This is where you can have your own '50 Shades of Grey' written with you in mind.

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Dungeons and Passions:  Community of Kinksters and Custom Erotica.

Erotica on Dungeons and Passions is interactive.  I write and record kinky, erotic stories for you.  My name is Kat Steel and I have been the proud owner of Dungeons and Passions since June 2011.

Commission Erotica is the first love of Dungeons and Passions.  Writing erotica for someone else is one of my favourite things.  Taking the idea that they've given me and reading between the lines, discerning their true desires and bringing them to life; nothing gives me greater pleasure. You can request a story by getting in touch using the Contact Form, emailing me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , on Twitter via the link above or on Facebook.

I am extremely open minded so don't be concerned that your request might be too 'weird' or 'bizarre', provided it follows the rules outlined below then I will happily bring your erotic request to life.

For the first two years of Dungeons and Passions, I wrote a monthly story, the outline of which was provided by the lovely members of my forum.  The stories are still there along with who requested them and what they asked me to write about.  Just take a look in  our Monthly Stories section and you will see how it works.  I only write the 'monthly story' very occasionally now as the Commission Erotica side of Dungeons and Passions has taken off at a rate that I never expected.  Time is an issue but if you have a burning desire to see your idea written and posted in our Monthly Story section then go ahead and put it up on the Forum, provided the subject matter is within the rules then I will do my best to satisfy.

The emphasis in Dungeons and Passions is on open acceptance.

Erotica, kink, BDSM, fetishes: much of the content will be sexual so if you are easily shocked or under 18 then please go no further! This is a place where people can be comfortable about expressing their innermost desires including sexual orientation, BDSM and fetishes, so ridicule will not be tolerated.  Only members can post on the forum and membership will be cancelled if any member is continuously disrespectful to others.


I am open-minded and have an active, flexible imagination but I will NOT write stories about:

  • sex with or involving minors, 18 is the lowest age that I will accept
  • scat and vomit
  • incest
  • bestiality (unless it involves mythological creatures)
  • extreme violence or murder for sexual gratification


So far I have not come across any other subject that would be off limits although there may be subjects that I feel are a little too extreme for the monthly story and public consumption but acceptable for the privacy of a custom story.

Dungeons and Passions is open to all people over 18 whatever their sexual orientation or gender but any discussion glorifying sexual contact with minors will be deleted and appropriate action taken.

This site is a celebration of sex in all its wonderful guises.  Mutual consent and enjoyment is an important part of that celebration, if you feel differently then Dungeons and Passions is not for you.

Now that we have the formal, 'big stick' information out of the way:


Please enter, explore and enjoy...